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If you are looking for the best choice in the world of cost-per-click (CPC),
display and video advertising.
The traffic will work for you! We know how to make it!

What is RTB?

One might have never taken part in the real auction, but everybody has certainly watched the process on TV in films. People bet against the interesting lot and the winner is that who has offered the highest price.

Actually, that is the meaning of RTB (Real Time Bidding). A user is a lot in this context. Meaning of “real time” is also absolutely true, as bidding is held at the time of loading a page. A winner who has offered more money than rivals, shows his ad to the user.

Advantages of RTB marketing:

  • – Selected and target-oriented traffic due to personal choice of characteristics and settings (time of coming, location, age, interests etc.)
  • – Payments for an individual target visitor and not for a website or a group of visitors.
  • – Higher conversions and CTR in comparison with traditional advertising.
  • – No fixed prices, low financial risks.
  • – Possibility to advertise new service or goods that users don’t search yet.


In Smartmedia we strongly believe that ad budget is used effectively when ad message goes directly to interested people. We know how to make precise selection and find a target audience among all users. We use different targetings including behavioral, demographic and others to choose the most relevant places and only potential clients will see an ad.

Order ads displays at Smartmedia – an experienced RTB platform. We offer:


☑️ Detail audience selection

We show your ads only to those who can be really interested in you.

☑️ Clear expense system
All campaigns results are expressed in the form of detailed reports. There is information about websites where an ad was posted and its price.

☑️ Direct cooperation with premium publishers

We are partners with owners of premium websites and targeted ads can be published on fixed prices.

☑️ All types of users are covered

Mobiles, tablets, Pcs – everybody will be reached.

☑️ Consultation and support

Every client is explained how to use our platform correctly and in full: how to launch a campaign, set targets, analyse reports and other staff for convenient work. User friendly interface will help to work independently quite soon.

Smartmedia – RTB platform where everyone enjoys his business

We work for you to concentrate on really important things. It is our task to find partners, publishers and regulate all the staff.

Launch your advertising company and become successful with us.

SmartMedia is happy to provide our clients
a diversity of Cost-per-click (CPC) findings
that would provide average efficiency getting money from your traffic.

Choose us


Assigned Managers

Our team is available day-and-night. We work hard to provide you with the best result.


Easy to use interface

Our interface is easy and comfortably to work with and meets all your standards.



We use the third party service and upgrade our own system of traffic filtration so the advertisers could get the high-quality traffic


On-time payments

On-time payments. Always


By taking control of your real-time performance marketing strategy we will help advertisers reach their target audience and increase up your sales.
Smartmedia is a platform that can be immediate inquired. It’s easy to use and get reports.
We understand each other with a half-word.

Join us as advertiser


It would be great to get revenue from yours site! All can be monetized.
Smartmedia is exited you to help with it!
Don’t hesitate to contact our manager immediate! Our passionate team experts are interested in true partnership to help your business succeed and grow.

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