Ad revenue for mobile apps

Ad revenue for mobile apps

Ad revenue for mobile apps

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Ad revenue is a kind of income, which every publisher can get from the adverts placed in various applications, such as games and others. It is calculated by means of multiplication of advert impressions by eCPM. The calculations are based on several application metrics, which allow measuring the revenue from adverts. They include ARPDAU, ARPU, and ARPPU.

Let’s consider each of them in details:

  • – ARPDAU is a total profit from the ads. The term denotes Average Revenue Per Daily Active User. It is a general index, which shows the effectiveness of the advert campaign. It allows working out the ad monetization strategy.
  • – APRU is an Average Revenue Per User. The index is usually calculated for one definite user for a month or other period of time. It shows the effectiveness of sales channels, users’ attraction, and general productivity of the advertising campaign. It is a useful metric, which demonstrates the latest changes in monetized projects. Thus, it is also possible to compare the effectiveness of several projects.
  • – ARPPU is an Average Revenue Per Paying User. It is used for the application, where monetization is free of charge. It shows the loyalty of the users to the prices set in the project. The period of estimation is defined by you. Note that the amounts of money paid during a month might be different. Thus, daily calculations might be inauthentic.

Besides the metrics described, special reporting tools are applied to distinguish the income from mobile video ads and rewarded video adverts. Thus, the developers can find out, which type of advert brings them more money. As a result, better advert monetization decisions might be made.

Examples of monetization for mobile app advertising revenue

One of the prominent examples of monetization is YouTube. It is relatively easy to get money with this platform; however, significant income will be a challenge. First of all, it is necessary to create a channel and to turn on account’s monetization. To do it, it is required to accept the rules of the platform and connect to AdSense to get payments. Besides, the user will have to accept Google’s ad revenue share for YouTube. After this, it is possible to upload oen videos. For better income, you will need to promote your channel via various social networks, blogs or real people. Remember that the more views you get, the more your profit from the ads will be. It is better to be creative in order to get more views and make the users interested in your content.

As soon as you get your first $100 of income from the views, Google will send the money to your bank account via AdSense. It is possible to select either a direct deposit or a check. If you have a significant income, you will have to pay income tax. The amount of money, which is not taxed, depends on a definite country of your residence.

Another effective platform for earnings is Twitter. As the representatives of the resource claim, monetized daily active users have reached over 126 million globally in 2018. Besides, it is possible to link many other applications to Twitter. The ad revenue of the resource keeps increasing year by year.

Thus, you can see that the opportunities to get ad revenue for apps keep growing. Don’t be afraid of discovering new platforms and try your luck and creativeness, which you may be generously paid for.

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