Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

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You may have your little blog about sewing, secrets of putting on makeup and so on. Of course, the project you have started one day was just for fun or you felt the necessity and honest desire to share the information you have earned with other people.

It’s really very generous, but if you are reading this article, there is a big chance that your blog is really interesting and useful and now you have a certain audience and started thinking about having some money from them.

First of all, calm down and don’t feel awkward. Think of it as a way of thanking yourself for the content you create. It is very cool, if you have enough your own experiences and life stories to write the posts by yourself. But sometimes you may feel need to make a review and you will have to scan a lot of information before it becomes a solid article. It is your time and efforts that should be compensated. What is more, you don’t even have to work a lot. The idea of having side income is more than just possible, but first things first.

What affiliate marketing is about?

Several decades ago, when television was actively used for advertising, famous singers and actors were in habit to advertise something, saying they use certain product and very happy about it.

The logic remains the same with a slight difference. Modern people are no longer interested in unknown celebrities, they are ready to rely on opinion of people that are respectful especially for them.

Bloggers have taken this mechanism: they earn audience, gain their trust and after it they may start recommend a certain product. They don’t produce it, so their investments are null, but they get a commission from each deal that was done with their help. That is what we call affiliate marketing.

Let’s see an example to make it more vivid. For example, you are subscribed for a healthy lifestyle blogger. One of the posts can be about jogging, how important it is and what helps him or her to feel better, for example, special shoes. There can be offered a detailed review of the product, its pros and cons and some details. Generally, such posts are provided with a link of the supplier. If you feel interested, you click the link and get to the page with the trainers. You feel so excited by the information the blogger gave to you and you decide to buy them. You get a pair of new cool trainers, the company has sold one item and the blogger gets the commission for the deal.

Advice: the products you recommend are desirable to be really tested by you and should be of really good quality. Otherwise, you risk to reputation of a dishonest person and lose your audience.

How to start earning money from affiliate marketing?

You can contact manufacturers directly. Be succinct when writing to companies, you should give link to your blog, tell what it is about and, obligatory, tell the traffic you have (not less than 500 people per day is generally acceptable).

Join affiliate networks. There are thousands of them with different requirements about topics, traffic, location issues and so on. It can nurse your pride to stand in the same line with popular bloggers, but if your project is not huge yet, try to start where you are welcomed. Nobody prohibits to cooperate with several networks. Their benefit is that you are free from seeking the companies and discussing the details, all the information about rewards and regulations is in your personal account.

In case of direct contacts, you will have to spend time for search and negotiations, but the commission can be higher.

Try rtb marketing when you will cope with affiliating. Write us to know how to do it properly.

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