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Display advertising is one of the popular tools, which is used in online marketing. This type of ad applies various forms including images, audio, and video. Thus, a certain message is created in order to transfer it to the target audience.

What are display media and its variations?

Digital display advertising is a kind of adverts, which are created in the form of boxes and located on various sites. They are mostly placed on the top of the webpages. There are several most preferable forms:

  • – banners
  • – large text billboards
  • – videos.

The websites offer special sections for the placement of such adverts. This space is paid and created for fast conversion. The sizes of such adverts might be different. However, there exist several most popular ones:

  • – 336 × 280 or 300 × 250 pixel rectangles
  • – 300 × 600 pixel ads (half-page adverts)
  • – 728 × 90/320 × 110 pixel adverts.

There exist other formats of display ads:

  • – Rich media: it includes videos, which can start unexpectedly or those, which are played as soon as you hop over them. The latest variation is considered more polite.
  • – Interstitial: this type of advert is full-screen. It can pop up accidentally during the user’s activity (for instance, while clicking on different webpages).
  • – Overlay: it is similar to the previous type, as it also pops up. However, this variation is transparent, so the users can see the content placed behind it.

The advantages of online media displayers

Any kind of display advert possesses many positive aspects for the users:

  • – it is authentic (the specialists create it in a definite way making the ad blend in the surrounding, so it is pleasant to an eye)
  • – it is characterized by flexibility (it is possible to choose any format, size, colors, and other features to create a unique advert)
  • – it is easy to measure (there are special analytic tools, which allow controlling the number of clicks, conversions, etc.).

At the same time, it is required being creative choosing this digital ad type. Many people just ignore such adverts, as they are very widespread. Thus, the view-ability becomes lower. It is also connected with the Ad Blockers, which are widely applied by Internet users.

How to create effective display ads?

If you want to create effective display advert, it is required to follow definite tips:

  • – try to make it visually stimulating (never allow the ad looking too heavy because it will cause ad blindness)
  • – do not be afraid of experiments (it is advisable to try various types of display ads in order to find the most effective format for your product or service)
  • – try not to be irritating (the ads very often look interruptive. The most annoying type according to the users’ opinion is autoplay advert, which is a key reason why so many users download ad blockers)
  • – add a direct call-to-action (think about the main purpose of your advert and send a direct and short message to a target audience)

Creating display adverts, it is required to consider the intended audience, people’s interests, motivation, and other peculiarities. Thus, you will be able to make your ads effective, while the conversion will become much faster. It is also vital to find appropriate platforms to place the display adverts in order to reach your target customers.

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