5 Best Paid Ads for Small Business

5 Best Paid Ads for Small Business

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Increasingly, advertising platforms allow intensive interaction with the target audience, optimize advertising campaigns, and create a positive image for manufacturers of goods and services.

Types of advertising on the Internet are primarily focused on getting maximum efficiency at a minimum costs. That is, they are aimed at a targeted, focused approach to working with consumers. Among the obvious advantages of web promotion are the reduction in the cost of organizing advertising campaigns and unlimited opportunities for gaining consumer confidence. The web environment allows implementing ideas that are not always feasible within the framework of traditional advertising formats, provides quick and effective dissemination of information.

What types of online advertising are most popular?

1. Contextual

Contextual advertising is a text or text & graphic modules displayed on sites located in the context of the audience of the advertising object or a specific user. Contextual advertising can correspond to the thematic focus of the site on which it is displayed based on the search queries, which represent interests of the user.

The big advantage of contextual advertising is its targeting – targeted orientation to the interests of the audience. Contextual ads are shown only if the user has already shown interest in this topic, or when the advertised product matches the theme of the site on which it is placed. At the same time, payment for the demonstration of advertising is done one by one, that is, for a specific user action.

2. Banner/media

Advertising placed on banners (graphic media) is one of the first that has appeared on the web space. Static or animated advertising http://sdairporttransport.com/ are aimed at attracting the attention of the audience. But it is quite difficult to call it “targeted”. As a rule, banners are used to increase the recognition of a product, trademark, brand, or to disseminate information about current promotions, discounts, and special offers.

Payment for placing banner ads is usually calculated by the number of impressions or broadcast time – pay per click may not be relevant here. It is this kind of cooperation scheme that centralized platforms organizing the placement of banners and private media owners offer.

3. SEO

SEO promotion cannot be classified as online advertising but the goals and objectives of these two areas of activity, in generally, converge. In fact, due to SEO, the problems of attracting visitors, increasing the attractiveness, popularity of a web project among the audience are solved. This coincides with what most advertisers ultimately want to achieve.

SEO promotion is always aimed at increasing the position of the site in the search engines. Accordingly, the higher the position of the web resource is, the more trust it will cause in the audience. But the main part of targeted visitors comes to a site because of search traffic. That is why search engine optimization is recommended to be included in a package of measures aimed at promoting goods and services.

4. Viral

Viral ad campaigns have migrated to the Internet from traditional marketing. The basic principle of viral advertising is the free distribution of information from user to user. Most often videos act as an advertising medium.

5. In social networks

Advertising on social networks develops in two main directions, by the principle of targeting (contextual, media) or SMO – marketing optimization of the promoted product within the chosen site.

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