Guide to LinkedIn Ads

Guide to LinkedIn Ads

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The LinkedIn advertising platform advertisement is placed in the right column and contains a picture, a caption, and a short text. The link can be to your site or a profile on LinkedIn. You can pay either for clicks or impressions.

LinkedIn is a business social network, primarily aimed at finding and establishing business connections. More than 400 million people from more than 200 countries and territories of the world are registered in it. There are few statistics on this social network, and it’s best to watch it here.

First of all, this social network is needed in the B2B sphere, since all content is aimed at business communications, and it’s often easier to get the right specialist here than in other social networks, because many people use LinkedIn account as own online resume, and indicate in it the maximum information about own education, skills, and abilities. The criteria for choosing a target audience on LinkedIn can be divided into two blocks: geographical and professional. The first defines the targeting region. The second defines the criteria that the target audience should have.

Consider another targeting criterion — industry selection. Branches are divided into large sections, clicking on which you can select narrower industries. The next criterion is the choice of the size of the company in which the selected user should be a member. The next targeting criterion is the job position. Advertisements will be shown to users who have indicated a specific position in their profile. The next possible targeting criterion is the choice of the scope of job responsibilities, which we will consider together with the job level (level of position). The most interesting targeting criterion is skilling, which allows you to target users who have specified a specific skill in their profile. The next type of targeting is age, and the last type of targeting is gender.

LinkedIn has launched its advertising network, the LinkedIn Audience Network, with which advertisers can catch potential customers (LinkedIn users) on other sites. At the same time, you can use all the targeting options available on LinkedIn, such as the position and business sector – this is the most valuable feature of the LinkedIn advertising service. In addition to third-party sites, LinkedIn ads will appear on Microsoft online services (which owns a social network), such as

The LinkedIn advertising service already provides many different options for targeting. However, what if you want to show ads only to employees of certain companies? Now it has become possible! You can download a list of companies (potential customers), and LinkedIn will automatically target only the employees of these companies. Of course, this targeting can be used in combination with other parameters, for example, if you want to show ads only for employees who occupy certain positions or work in certain regions.

Finally, marketers will be able to filter out foreign-language users of LinkedIn and increase the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns in this business network. A related filter has appeared in the LinkedIn Ads advertising service. Also, it became possible to post on your LinkedIn page only for a specific audience, filtered by language. Twitter introduced the same feature but it is more difficult to implement it there through the API.

Companies that have a LinkedIn profile have a new tool for tracking the activity of visitors/subscribers and analyzing their demographics and sources. The Company Page Analytic tab shows the performance of your LinkedIn publications (how many subscribers each post brought, how many views & clicks there were), locally owned company the distribution chart of your subscriptions by position (director, manager, executor), as well as the rating showing the position of your page relative to competitors (by number of subscribers).

Recall that recently LinkedIn launched the opportunity to advertise posts, so this new dashboard will also help you understand how profitable it is to advertise on LinkedIn for your company.

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