How to monetize a Web Site

10 Ways how to Monetize Your Website

Monetization is the profit from the site. Fortunately, there are many ways how to make the website work for your bank account.

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Traffic trading
Selling traffic from your own site is one of the rapidly growing in popularity online earnings. More and more webmasters are beginning to pay attention to this type of monetization, as in some cases it can bring a very good income in a short period of time. Traffic sale is the process of redirecting traffic from your resource to ad publisher’s resource. To sell traffic is one of the best ways to monetize a website.

Direct sales of goods / services

Partnership programs
The bottom line is to get a previously agreed % of the sale of goods or services, completed after a user clicked on the link with your code and went to the purchase page.
The level of income from a partnership directly depends on the following factors:
• site attendance level;
• demand / need for a product or service among users.

Context advertising
How to monetize a web site a site using contextual advertising? Locate on the website an ad unit (clickable), which at least partially corresponds to either the general theme of the site or the subject of a particular article.

Teaser advertising
The essence of such advertising is an attractive, bright unit. It can be pictures, photos, real selling ad texts. Such an advertisement will catch the eye of your visitors and they will click on it.

Referral program
Its point is to receive a certain percentage for attracting a new participant to a service / program / website. The amount of remuneration ranges from 20 to 80%.
The difference of this method of earnings from the affiliate program described above is that you will receive a steady income. After all, a referral is a person who uses certain services constantly.

Prices for clicks on the banner are less, but you can prohibit the display of banners of uninteresting subjects or competing sites. Remuneration is paid not only for clicks, but also for viewings.

File sharing

Selling links
The easiest way how to monetize a website:
• you register at the service / exchange / site;
• you are given a unique code to install it on the site;
• choose the place where the advertising link will appear;
• after a visitor of your site follows an advertising link, money will be transferred to your account.

Publication of custom-made articles

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