How to Build an Inbound Marketing Campaign in 9 Easy Steps

How to Build an Inbound Marketing Campaign in 9 Easy Steps

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When we talk about inbound marketing campaigns, we understand here implementation of certain tools and steps to reach our marketing aim, like increasing amount from visits to leads.

Great advantage of the tools used now is their measurability, so that marketers can easily prove necessity of investments and their outcome.

The process of campaign creation and launching only seems to be strange and difficult. We are sure that it will go easier if you use the instruction we have prepared for you. Just 9 steps will help you to have the process neat and smooth.

1. Come to a focus on a specific person (or people)

It is some kind of preparation step, but before taking any actions at all, you should have clear and exact portrait you work who for. It will help you in future to adapt strategies and send messages according to the portrait of “your” customer.

2. Make sure your goals suit SMART rule

Goal planning is obviously important. Having something happening is not the recipe, you should have understanding how successful you are. Every marketer will tell you that goals should be realistic as dreams like “to become a business shark” are hardly possible if you manufacture products for small market for neighbour locations. We offer to estimate all your goals according to the following characteristics:

  • – Specific
  • – Measurable
  • – Achievable
  • – Realistic
  • – Timeous

3. Create your valuable offer

We’d like to focus your attention on the word “valuable”. No matter what it is: a book, online course or a face cream, you should think which use it brings to your client. Commercial offer itself is no longer a point of interest. Your target audience will be more positive if the product you offer resolves already existing problems, i.e. makes life easier and more enjoyable.
Advice: you will feel more concentrated if have hard deadline for creation for all the parties involved.

4. Make your conversion way effective

A lot of young brands think that it is not important and may be a burden for your clients. But if you don’t have a call-to-action, a landing page with form and a thank-you letter, you will have less measurable campaign in future as a result.

5. Start your campaign with effective emails

Nobody will buy from you, if they don’t know you exist. The language of emails you send should be relevant to your target audience mind. If you have several “ideal customers” it means that you will have to create a template for each group.

6. Include SEO

Have a look at your website and the text you publish there before you go into blogging or similar stuff. You should think what your customers generally type to find the product you offer and whether you have these keywords on your website.
Advice: use word combinations with long tails. Pay attention to that keywords that have several clicks every month.

7. Create smart blog posts

First of all, the keywords you have defined can and should be used to make attractive headings. It will help your clients to understand the nature of your offers. Commercial messages are not welcomed, write your call to action at the bottom of the page. The content itself should be useful and the more options for reposting it in social networks, the better for you.

8. Use social networks wisely

It is, probably, the most fashionable trend nowadays. But, as we have said before, general idea is not just to something, but to have investigation and contact your audience on that channel they are more likely to spend their time.

9. Launch, set up, analyze, improve and repeat it all

Start of your campaign doesn’t mean that you have time for relax. Vice versa, you have to keep an eye how it is going, analyze after a certain period what was working for you, what you should improve and so on. Next iteration should be made with keeping this information in mind.

Start your campaign with these steps we have offered, other schmancy things like rtb advertising deserve being implemented, but have the patience to do it a bit later when you feel more confident with things.

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