Direct media buying or Ad network

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Direct media buying or Ad network

How to earn on buying traffic and earn money from it is not a recent thing nowadays

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Stories how people earn on buying traffic and earn money from it is not a recent thing nowadays. A lot would like to join them, but they don’t know how and that is a stopping point.

Well, everything is quite simple, but there is a trick. Let’s start from the beginning.

Direct media buying

It means that it is your task to find websites, to contact the owners and discuss possible options for cooperation.

It all takes time.
What is more, you will need to choose which traffic to buy: premium one or remaining. In the first case you will have lower prices for impressions as well as for the second one. Combination of both cases also implies that lower quality of traffic will predominate, whether you like it or not.

Simplicity is the best policy – think some people.
It means that you should come already prepared to a website owner and offer that pricing you find acceptable. Of course, it means you have studied information about the resource quite well.

To buy traffic directly from the website helps to find that resources that will definitely match your products in that way you see it. One more important advantage is that you can adapt your banners to site’s style, to make the ads look more attractive.

Midsized websites are more open to communication and discounts. Posting ads on Forbes will be much more expensive than on websites with lower traffic volume, like in a growing company.

Solution for those who don’t want to deal with all that staff
Not all people really wish, and actually shouldn’t, go deep into the details, there is always a third-party who can save your time for some commission – buying networks.

They sell ad space for all interested parties (Media Buyers), who compete against each other on the principle of auction. Best places are given to those who offer highest bids.

This method, however, doesn’t mean you will have high profit. The results depend on how much you are ready to spend on ads, which traffic you buy. Surprisingly, lower positions can be more winning.

The market area you work together with other media buyers is unstable and hardly predictable. There cannot be fixed rates when you buy traffic from a network.

Tip: How to find a balance
Depending on ad network you are offered different models of pricing. Some rely on impressions (CPM model where advertisers are charged for thousands of displays), views (CPV model) or clicks (CPC method). All the approaches are different, sometimes best results can be gained by combining or changing them.

Greatest advantage is that media buys traffic from variety of websites and you will obtain bigger audience.

Institutionally, networks help you to concentrate on our business. A lot of them offer a panel where one can track the process of the campaign and easily check which points need your attention and where everything goes well.

Both of the ideas deserve being used and offer benefits if implemented wisely.

Direct buying will be striving if you are interested in particular websites or have your vision about them.

Media networks require some investments but, they will give you a thought-provoking information.

Newbies are recommended to start from networks to understand how it all works. Basic understanding what affects income and expenses will let feel more confident in further free floating.

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