Modern marketing strategies

Modern marketing strategies

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Modern marketing strategies are numerous. There are various methods and techniques, which are used to promote businesses. For successful marketing, it is vital to think over every step of the strategy. How to select the most appropriate and productive marketing initiatives? Let’s observe the issue in the article.

Product marketing strategies

Considering a corporate marketing strategy, it is important to choose the methods, which will be productive for a definite business. Here we are going to present several effective ways, which proved to be universal:

  • – Posters. Placing this type of ads in the public places will raise the awareness of the targeted audience in your product or service. Among the most popular places for such kind of advert, we can mention supermarkets, malls or even streets. There is usually a free bulletin board space available.
  • – Referral networks. It includes both customer and business-to-business referrals. Thus, not just the clients will become more interested in your product thanks to discounts and other offers but also your business companions will add to the awareness of your product. As a result, you can help each other.
  • – Follow-ups. Even when your job is done, do not forget about it. Keep analyzing the results answering such important questions as: Why do clients choose you? Where did they hear about you? What are your advantages for the clients? What are less satisfying issues for your customers?
  • – Social networks. The development of marketing led to the wide application of the Internet for promotion. There is hardly any company, shop or café, which does not have at least a group/account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Do not forget about this vital way of advertising when planning your marketing tactics.
  • – Cold calls. It might be unpleasant but it is extremely important especially for a small business. It helps not just attract new clients and know about the audience but also force you to sell yourself and your product. It is possible to use a phone or door-to-door method.
  • – Value additions. They allow attracting the customers increasing their satisfaction. The method includes discounts, coupons, referral rewards, etc.
  • – Flyers. It is a basic way of promotion, which is also cheap. It is possible to use a hand-to-hand method or distribute the materials by mail to let the targeted audience know about your product.

Marketing strategies

There exist different types of marketing, which are effective:

  • – Online marketing (the attention is attracted via the Internet using banner/display ads, social networks, etc.)
  • – PR marketing (in this case, the relations with the customers are built by means of conferences, cooperation with mass media, etc.)
  • – Diversity marketing (various social groups and customer segments are analyzed to develop a certain type of marketing plan)
  • – Call-to-Action marketing (the web traffic is converted into leads/sales on websites)
  • – Relationship marketing (the key goal is to make the customers love and trust your brand)
  • – Transactional method (the thing is to sell products in high volumes)
  • – Event marketing (special events are organized to attract and entertain the audience), etc.
  • Analyze your business and find the most effective marketing methods to build your strategy.

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