Programmatic advertising platforms

Programmatic advertising platforms

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Several decades ago people started saying that information technologies is the thing of the future. It can be said that the future has finally come to us and programmatic advertising platforms is one of its representatives for marketers. Everything is quick, clear and automated, however the people in the area are quite reluctant to adopt new approach and prefer to run business as it used to be long ago. Probably, their motto is not to hew a tree as it is alive and in blossom. But is this policy really working everytime? Is it wise to keep old strategy just because of laziness or fear?

What is programmatic marketing?

In general sense it is often referred as less than a second auction during page loading time performed with special algorithms.

It would be better to correct that programmatic is automatic bid on ad resources in real time to show an ad to a specific person in a specific context.

Human factor is completely excluded from programmatic buying platforms as advertisers set maximum bet price beforehand.

What are advantages of the approach?
First and foremost, automation has brought flexibility to advertising world. Campaigns with minimal budgets and displays are welcomed here. Advertisers are also free from beforehand price negotiations. Money saving can serve as one more big pros here.

Great opportunities for targeting. Bids are not constant they differ from person to person.

Programmatic is smart enough to track what makes people to respond on the ads and when. This information can be used for targeting them at preferable webpages and at a preferable time.

A few words about adblockers
Sad, but true, people don’t like advertising and the number of special software users has grown by nearly 30 million. Nowadays notification about private data using can make some users be more suspicious, but aware of the situation.

One of possible response from advertisers for adblock lovers is to lock a resource when the software is turned on. To be honest, it is quite risky idea. According to statistics, people aren’t so negative when they see too many ads, and they are when being interrupted and influenced to do extra unplanned activity (turn off the programm).

Negative connotation regarding online ads can be reduced if users stop feeling being “stalked”. Data security is becoming more and more important and users can be more loyal and trustful to the pages that don’t want to chase them.

Last lines

Programmatic advertising platforms do have their weak points and imperfections, but now it is the easiest and enjoyable way to launch a campaign.
For those, who started hesitating we will hint a bit:

If you are an advertiser and want to participate in programmatic ads buying you should join to Demand-Side Platforms (DSP) with the help of Trading Desk. Good luck!

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