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Just a kind reminder what RTB is

The whole process is like an auction in real time, all the magic is happening while a page is loading. The bidding is finished in mere seconds and, as a result, a person can see an ad that was offered the highest price for displaying.

RTB works with targeting and retargeting. In the first case necessary segment can be found according to specific features: age, location, gender, type of the device etc. Second variant supplies with displays those who is already familiar with advertiser: visited a website or used a mobile app etc.

How to make money on RTB advertising?

The first, and obvious step, is to join an RTB platform.

When a website has successfully passed moderation and requirements checking, ad blocks should be tuned.

RTB blocks settings:

• privacy level;
• website version;
• position (vertical or horizontal);
• format;
• visual dressing;
• formats used in the blocks;
• traffic regulating strategy.

The code you received should be installed into your website and in half an hour you can start bidding.

This instruction is quite general, when we talk about mobile devices, there are some specific points for launching.

Different RTB systems support various types of media ads. However, standard banners like 240 х 400, 990 х 90 is the most popular variant. Rare blocks can and should be used as a supplement.

It is a widespread case when RTB blocks are used altogether with usual ones. The purpose here is simple, when there is no suitable ad from platform the other ads can be placed.

RTB is a winning strategy for all the participants

Benefits for an advertiserv

• Budget is spent for displays to target audience and not for an abstract place;
• RTB networks take all the staff upon themselves, i.e. no communication with publishers, payments discussions and so on;
• Can help to find weak points of your website. If you have started having less displays, probably it is high time to invest in your website and think over your traffic improvement strategy. When CTR becomes low it means your audience is not so loyal.

Ad platforms also get their piece of pie

• Earn more money, as an ad with higher price will be displayed;
• They are unlikely to go bust, general ads will be shown in case the bids will be lower than minimal floor price.

Profits for users

• They see the ads relevant to their needs and interests only. Marketers hope it may reduce level of irritation and negative emotions.
• The ads are easy to reset by cleaning cookies.

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