Successful banner ADS

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Successful banner ADS

Nowadays banners accompany every user on the Internet. They used to be primitive text blocks with annoying animation and unattractive images, but the situation now is pretty different. Only the formats of the banners remain the same: it is still square text block with animation or image. But the size, content and aims are of absolutely another type. That is why banner advertising has become successful.

How does it work?
There are many factors to be taken into consideration, but a lot depends on its aims, conditions of posting and scope.

Aspects of posting
The banners can be posted on the websites by the advertisers directly or in social media. Regular posting to give more information about a new or already existing product, or to work for brand awareness. It is evident the banners are posted on high-traffic websites where the advertiser can find necessary for him audience. It will be one more advantage if the colour of the ad corresponds with the website palette.

A lot of banners are supposed to be interactive and designed to be clicked. So, a successful banner contains a photo of your product, information about the seller, or brand, and a call to action.

Effectivity of banner ads
One of great advantages for banners is that, it is possible to track how they functioned. Indicator of effectivity is a click.

The formula is calculated the following way:

CTR = number of users who clicked the ad / the amount of showing the ad

For example, the ad was shown for a hundred of times and only 3 times clicked. Thus, the effectivity is 3%. The higher the percent is, the more is the level of effectivity.

Advantages of banner ads
As we have said before, banner ads can cover big scope of audience.
Brand awareness. Use fonts and style of your company for people to recognize your brand somewhere out of the Internet.
Get the traffic you need. Only people who are interested in your product or services would like to learn more and click.
It is the only way of advertising where results can be found almost immediately after launching.

Weak points of this ad type
You pay for each time your ad was shown. The content should be thoroughly examined, as you will pay even in that case when the ad was only looked through and not clicked.
The traffic will be severely diminished after stopping the campaign. As a preventive action we recommend to hide your ads only at the moment you have already gained necessary number of people.

Is it really worth it?
As any type of advertising this one has its own pros and cons, but the uniqueness of banners – you can see the results instantly with low money investments. Plus, it is suitable to promote any type of web-project.

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