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Twitter target audience

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Social media marketers are interested in the promotion of their businesses via various social networks. One of the most popular and effective resources which is used as a part of marketing strategy is Twitter. The platform has a special mechanism of work with a target audience. In the article, we will observe Twitter follower demographics.

Social media demographics

Social media demographics depend on the type of platform you work with. It is necessary to know the principles of every resource in order to define the one, which suits the most for your business. The key difference the platforms possess is the type of audience they have. Thus, if a certain resource displays a small presence of your intended customers, then it is not worth your close attention. Let’s consider the most popular networks and their peculiarities:

  • – Facebook (it preserves the leading position among all the existing social networks, as there are over 68% of adult users here, so it is easy to find your audience. It consists of both men and women. The number of the latest is a bit bigger)
  • – Instagram (here you will find over 35% of adult US users. It is popular among the younger audience compared to Facebook. The majority of the users are girls mostly from the urban area)
  • – Twitter (it is popular among lots of modern users. The greatest part of the audience is people in their 20s. It is equally preferable for males and females)
  • – LinkedIn (it deals with B2B social media market. Both men and women from urban and suburban areas use the platform).

Twitter targeting: age and other peculiarities

Many people ask a question: How old should you be for Twitter? According to the rules of the platform, it is available for all the people over 18. Let’s look at the specific data concerning the age of the users:

  • – the age of 18-24 (about 15% of the users)
  • – the age of 24-34 (20%)
  • – the age of 35-44 (20%).

The rest of the followers belong to the other age groups. Now you know how old you have to be for Twitter and what the age of the majority of its users is. Besides age, there are other important demographics:

  • – Gender: the platform is more popular among men for now. However, gender indexes are very close.
  • – Location: over 80% of the users live outside the USA. As for the US residents, the majority of them are from the urban area. It is important to mention several countries, where Twitter is popular. They are Japan, the UK, Saudi Arabia, and several others.
  • – Income: about 30% of US users have an income higher than average, which is over $75,000 a year. Over 25% have an income over $50,000, while about 15% earn less than $50,000, and 18% – less than $30,000 a year.
  • – Education: the majority of the users are educated. Only less than 20% of them have a high school education or lesser.
  • – Ethnicity: Twitter is equally popular among the white and black population of the USA. About 20% are Hispanic.

When you use Twitter as a part of your marketing strategy, you can apply the following types of targeting:

  • – username targeting (it is possible to observe the brands and people the other users follow)
  • – Interest targeting
  • – age targeting
  • – TV targeting (using dedicated groups after a certain show)
  • – event targeting
  • – conversation targeting.

It is important to mention that Twitter is one of the popular resources, which are used to know the news. Here you can find various types of audience for effective promotion.

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