How to Create Video Advertising Campaign for Business

How to Create Video Advertising Campaign for Business

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Video is the absolute leader among all ways to promote on the Internet via advertising platform. It has the strongest effect on customers and is much more effective than any other form of advertising and marketing. Every day, customers search the network for information about goods and services, and they are most attracted to information in video format. That is why YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world.

What kind of business can you promote with video and how?

This may be surprising for some but the video is a great way to promote any business without limits. The Internet has opened up stunning opportunities for promotion through video and made it accessible even to small companies with small advertising budgets. Video advertising is usually understood as the format of short videos that everyone is used to seeing on television. However, this is far from the only option for promoting business, goods, and services on the Internet using video. Moreover, this is the most unpopular format on the web. There are over 50 other options for using videos to attract customers. And here are just a few of them:

  • – presentations
  • – demos
  • – brochures
  • – tips
  • – reviews
  • – tours
  • – training
  • – interview
  • – cases.

What are the benefits of promoting your business with video?

Perhaps, none of the advertising media has as many strengths as the video:

  • – Forever. Once shot and posted on the web, the video will always work and will attract new customers for the site and business
  • – Low cost. Today, the cost of creating a commercial video has become very low due to the cost reduction and simplification of technology. And if you divide its cost by the number of views by customers, it turns out that this is the cheapest way of advertising, because the company pays nothing for the rental
  • – Popularity. Video is the most popular type of content on the Internet, and its importance is growing steadily
  • – Search. Search engines display video in the search results, which often allows you to get to the first page of the search engine without the cost and effort
  • – Maximum attention. Video captures the viewer’s attention more than other formats, as involves two channels of perception at once – vision and hearing
  • – Product face. Neither is it a form of promotion (other than personal sales) that allows you to show a product or service in all its glory like a video
  • – Demonstration. Using the video, you can not only talk about the product but also really show how it works
  • – Viral effect. Valuable videos often become viral, i.e. users begin to forward the video link to their friends and acquaintances
  • – Trust. Unlike other means of promotion, video arouses maximum customer confidence
  • – Prestige. Video promotion is considered highly prestigious and testifies to the solidity of the company
  • – Branding Video is an indispensable branding tool that allows you to achieve results as quickly as possible.

The fact is that classic video advertising has a lot of shortcomings and, above all, it is negatively perceived by most buyers due to its obsession and boastful content. Today’s client is looking for the truth and naturalness in the network, and also wants to learn more about the product, service, company, before making a choice. Classic video ads are not suitable for this task. In the television era, the advertiser had to pay a lot not only for production but also for rental. Today, posting videos on the Internet is worthless, which means that previously inaccessible opportunities for promoting a business using video have opened. And most importantly, these opportunities have years of experience opened up for everyone: both for large companies and small and medium-sized businesses.

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