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Advertising exchange

Advertising exchange

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Today advertisers and publishers prefer buying and selling advertising via the Internet. For this purpose, ad exchanges are used, which are created in order to make the purchase process fast, safe, and more effective.

What is an ad exchange?

Advertising exchange is a digital marketplace, where advertisers and publishers can sell or purchase advertising space. It is the technology, which is a part of a programmatic approach. The latest becomes more and more popular allowing saving time and money. The preferable form of purchase is a real-time auction. Thus, the transactions are fulfilled very fast. Besides, an ad exchange platform allows making very profitable deals for both sides. Advert exchanges apply the same technology as SSP. As for the types of advert inventory offered/required, there are several popular variations:

  • – mobile
  • – display
  • – video.

Ad exchanges provide lots of advantages. For the publishers, they are:

  • – adverts filtering
  • – minimum CPMs settings for different inventory units
  • – possibility to select advert formats/styles
  • – the automated choice of the most profitable bid
  • – possibility to choose the location of adverts on the website.

As you see, ad exchanges provide great opportunities for control.

As for the advertisers, they might get the following advantages:

  • – possibility to block certain websites or people
  • – control the number of times a definite user sees a certain ad
  • – possibility to set targeting, budget, pricing, and many other options.

Ad exchanges fulfill the following tasks:

  • – make the process of purchase automated
  • – allow setting a minimum bid, which is displayed to the other users
  • – allow choosing preferable ad types
  • – provide blinded inventory (which allows avoiding channel conflicts).

Among the most popular advertising exchange operators, we can mention Google, Facebook Exchange, OpenX, AppNexus, and Yahoo! The platforms can also be created by the publishers.

Modern types of ad exchanges

There exist various kinds of such platforms available to the users. Each of them has certain peculiarities:

  • – Open exchanges. Here a very extensive inventory is offered by various publishers. It is available for all the buyers. At the same time, there is no detailed information about each publisher. Such type of marketplace is appropriate for those, who are looking for wider publicity. Note that there are cases of fraud and malware because of a large number of users.
  • – Private exchanges. Such resources are of closed type. The publishers are able to control, who can make bids, what prices are appropriate, and what the conditions of the deals are. The platforms of this type are owned by the publishers. They can decide, whom to invite. Here it is possible to contact directly to the brands and agencies. Private exchanges offer a premium type of content.

There are different kinds of adverts offered on various ad exchanges. It is even possible to choose a mobile ad exchange if you require buying advert inventory for portable devices. Besides, marketing specialists keep working on the idea of the creation of corresponding exchanges to buy/sell traditional variations of adverts and advertising space. They hope to make the process cheaper and less time-consuming.

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