4 Best CPV/PPV Networks

You probably know for sure that if you have a business you can’t run without advertisements. Their forms have changed with the development of technologies and now the most popular type of ads is online advertising with the fixed cost. Such kinds of ad campaigns are – pay per view (PPV) or cost per view (CPV). You only pay when your ad was seen, which helps you increase the return of your investments dramatically.

So, here is the list of most used CPV/PPV networks to help you create a fixed cost online advertising campaign for your business.


DirectCPV is a CPV network with the best service at the lowest price. Using this network you don’t have to create a landing page to redirect the customers – it automatically creates the full screen advertisement. Target specific keywords, URLs, locations to increase your ROI with DirectCPV. It is capable of displaying interstitial ads and full-screen size ads. DirectCPV saves lots of your time and worth every dollar spent on it.


Clicksor is used to run CPV, CPC, CPI and CPM ad campaigns. It ensures your advertisement is posted on the high ranked websites, with a vast traffic. However, you will be paying 85% of the ads income to the publisher. The bad thing is that might insert some malware into the ads or have a forced redirections. Use this network to display contextual banners, in-text ads, interstitial ads, search box, pop-under and graphic banners.


ZeroPark is actually one of the leading CPV/PPV companies. With its user friendly interface and awesome features it is awesome for the beginners. You can set a maximum daily budget for each target using its “Terry’s daily budget” function, switch between three types of their filters to get different types of traffic, choose to have a full-page, Pop Ads, Interstitial, Native, Domain Redirect or any other ad type. You can run three possible types of campaigns: domain, premium and search. Came across any problem? Don’t hesitate to reach their wonderful support team for a 24/7 help.

Propel Media

Propel Media is a quite popular CPV/PPV network. They offer an amazing service with lots of possibilities. The major drawbacks are that you will have to pay a high price for that, need a minimum deposit and will have to get your application approved by a referral, which ads to your already high expenses. However, it is totally worth it. They have the best support team, ready to help you any time, user friendly interface to instantly optimize your ads. You can use Propel Media for display and contextual text-link advertisements.

Those were the most popular networks, however, there are many other services that you can use to create and run PPV/CPV campaigns. Hope this article was helpful and useful for you and your future fixed cost online advertising campaign will be a success.

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