5 Best Free Blogging Sites

Blogging is an awesome thing. You can share your thoughts and feelings while making money. You can either choose free blog or self-hosted WordPress platform. As a beginner we all tend to start with free staff. That includes blogging. Moreover, self-hosted blog is more complicated to start. You can always migrate to a paid platform if you want more features. So here is the list of five best free blogging sites where you can start sharing your thoughts completely for free.


Blogger is like a parent for modern day blogging. It all started here, on Google blogger platform back in the 00’s and it is still very popular. There are so many free SEO optimized blogger templates that you can use for your blog. The downloading speed will always be on fleek as the platform is hosted by Google services. It is also impossible for your website to go down because of heavy resource usage or high traffic. However, for the same reason you don’t have any control on the website and if you violate the rules your blog can be shut down. Enjoy Blogger,com high domain authority and tons of free tutorials. Overall, if you are a beginner it is the right place for you to start.


WordPress has both free and paid versions that you can choose to use. It is very easy to create a website using WordPress and even a free version has many awesome SEO themes. However, unlike Google Blogger platform free WordPress version is very limited. For example, you can’t use a custom domain, it is only yourdomain.wordpres.com format, you can only access free themes that are available in their directory, it is hard to monetize your blog with Google Adsense or Amazon affiliate. So if you are serious about starting blogging than you better go with a paid version.


Weebly.com offers free and paid versions. Free version is great but is very limited in comparison to a premium one which allows you to host your website, get a custom domain and many other things. It is very easy to use weebly drag & drop feature to build your website.


Tumbler is where a lot of beginners start blogging. This platform offers lots of themes and templates to choose from. It looks very similar to WordPress or Twitter but it is more of another Google blogger alternative to start blogging for free. To start a Tumbler blog you just have to sign up with your email address, choose your blog name and start blogging.


On Wix it is extremely easy to customize their template to design a right and catchy website just for you. It is easy and free to start using. There is a drag & drop framework that you use to build complex designs. Wix.com offers a lot of free templates you can use for the start. It’s great for beginners, however, if you are serious about making money on blogging, it is better to consider starting your own self-hosted WordPress blog.

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