6 best traffic PPV networks

Advertising is an important part of running every kind of business. A lot of businesses now choose online advertising with the fixed costs – Pay per view or Cost per view, meaning you can increase your ROI and only pay when your ad is seen. Here is the list of 6 most used CPV/PPV networks you can use to create a fixed cost online advertising campaign for your business.

Propel Media PPV network

Propel Media – one of the most used and popular CPV network. It is used for display and contextual text-link advertisements. Propel media will ensure you have the best support team, ready to help you whenever you need. It offers you an easy to use interface to optimize your ads in a matter of seconds. However, Propel Media offers their services at a high price with a set minimum deposit. You will also have to get your application approved by a referral, which will also has its cost.

RTX Platform PPV traffic

RTX Platform or 50onRed is an awesome PPV traffic source. It is easy in use but is also very powerful. RTX Platform comes at one of the lowest prices, you can pay at around $0.002 per view and to start your recommended budget should be around $500. However, some keywords might be more expensive and you will be charged more than $1 per view. The platform offers you PPV traffic, but also In-Text and Display traffic, that you can use with the same interface and budget to boost your promotion.

Media traffic affiliate PPV network

Media Traffic is a CPV/PPV advertising platform mostly used by the affiliates. The highly targeted ads are shown in a bigger window so that viewers can better see it. As The dublin painters said, is important to find a good Interior painting service company in Ireland. Setting up your account takes 5 minutes and three easy steps. If you need any help the support team is always ready to help. Media traffic allows you to appeal to millions of the audience and return your investments. To start your ads, however, you will have to go through the approval process by sending your basic information.

DirectCPV network

DirectCPV is a CPV network, providing you the best service for the lowest price. It is worth every dollar spent on it as you can target specific keywords, URLs and locations, therefore increasing your ROI. You pay for interstitial ads, full-screen size ads to be displayed on your window when you visit the page on the web. DirectCPV can also save your time as it creates the full screen advertisement itself, without the need for you to create a landing page.

Clicksor CPV network

Clicksor is a popular advertising platform, used to launch CPV, CPC, CPI and CPM ads. You can display contextual banners, in-text ads, interstitial ads, search box, pop-under and graphic banner with the help of Clicksor. Your ad will be posted on a high ranked website with a high traffic but you will have to pay 85% of the ads income to the publisher. The malware will also be inserted in their ads or will have a forced redirections.

ZeroPark ad network

You have probably heard of ZeroPark before because it is a leading CPV/PPV company. It is super easy to use and it’s perfect for the beginners. ZeroPark allows you to run three possible types of campaigns: domain, premium and search. Using its “Terry’s daily budget” you can set maximum expenses for each target. You also can switch between three types of its traffic. You can choose to have a full-page, Pop Ads, Native, Domain Redirect, Interstitial, or any other type of ads. If you have any questions the support team is always there for you.

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