4 best free blogging sites

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If you want to start a blog but worry about the cost of creating a website and hosting it, don’t worry! There are lots of free blogging sites that will allow you to start a blog for free. Here are 4 best free blogging websites in 2019.

Blogger.com blogging site

Blogger.com is one of the first blogging sites that appeared on the internet. Lots of people use, love and trust this platform as for a good reason – it has been providing us with great service for many years, even decades. Since the platform is so popular, there are lots of free tutorials, templates and other resources you can use for your blog. Another great thing is that there’s no limit on traffic, so you don’t need to worry about what happens when your blog grows. The downside of this blogging platform, and frankly any other free blog site, is that you don’t have full control of your blog – if you violate any rules of the platform your blog will be deleted.


WordPress.com is another great site where you can start a blog, roughly a third of all blogs are hosted on this platform. There are both free and paid options for your blog. The up side of this platform is that it’s very easy to use even for beginners. The down side is that it can be very difficult to sell ads on your WordPress blog, so if you plan on monetizing the blog through ads you may want to choose a different platform. You also can’t use your own custom domain for the blog if you use this platform, your site will have the word WordPress in it.


This platform is an awesome choice for people who don’t have any experience with coding and don’t want to learn it. If you just want a beautiful website without the fuss you will appreciate Weebly’s drag-and-drop interface. This platform also offers both free and paid plans, so you can start using the free version and then upgrade if you want to take advantage of other features like a custom domain.

Tumblr.com free blogging site

If what you’re looking for is a gorgeous artsy blog for personal use, Tumblr is a great platform for that. There is an enormous number of templates and themes you can use to design your blog. All you need to do to start blogging on Tumblr is register with your email address, choose the name of your blog and that’s it.

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