Best WordPress Cache Plugins

WordPress Cache Plugins can help you to improve the loading speed of your WordPress website. Visitors can reach your website faster, your conversion rates and search engine rankings can improve if you create its static version, thus improving its speed. So basically adding a cache plugin to your website can help you to create an optimized version of your website to attract more visitors. It will take some time to download your website if a user is a first time visitor but after that it will only be getting faster as the majority of the website resources are stored on his browser. Website speed is important for creating a better user experience and cache plugins can help you improve it.

So here is the list of best and fastest WordPress Cache Plugins to make your website work better.

WP Rocket (Premium)

WP Rocket is basically the most powerful caching plug-in for WordPress. It is installed to over 500,000 WordPress websites. WP Rocket is extremely easy in use, just install and activate it.

WP Rocket offers three different annual plans, pricing $39, $99 and $199, depending on the amount of websites you have.

W3 Total Cache (Free)

W3 Total Cache is a great option for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a premium plugin because it’s free in use and claims to give bandwidth savings of up to 80%. It’s popular and recommended by several huge companies like AT&T. W3 Total cache creates a static version of all parts of your website to increase the speed of your website for your clients.

WP Super Cache (Free)

WP Super Cache is the most installed WordPress plug-in with overs 2 millions active installs. As all the other plugins it creates a static version of your WordPress website so that your users can access it faster. It uses 3 different ways of serving the cached files: Expert, Simple and WP-Cache so that your website is ready for all the traffic spikes. You can easily change their default setting if needed.

Comet Cache (Free + Premium)

Comet Cache WordPress cache plugin comes with free and premium versions. Free version is rather limited and you will not get access to some advanced features premium version offers. However, Comet Cache lets you preview pro features to decide if you want to purchase a premium version. The plugin creates a snapshot of every aspect of your website in real time so that your users can download it faster. You will be given all control over cache clearing behavior so that you can use it the way you need.

Cache Enabler (Free)

Cache Enabler is a completely free WordPress plugin that uses a disk cache engine for better results. You can see the total size of the cache stored in the dashboard and manually or automatically manage it. It is available in 5 languages. It’s very easy to start using – just download the plugin and activate it from the WordPress dashboard.

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