The Difference Between Website Impressions and Clicks

Clicks vs Impressions

What is actually the difference between clicks and impressions? I am sure you have heard a lot about both of them and their importance when talking about online advertisements. They both serve to determine the effectiveness of the particular ad. But have you ever properly distinguished between two of them?

Ad impressions

Impression it is a view of a certain page. If the ad was loaded in front of the user it is believed to be seen and this therefore counts as one impression. It is an important step of getting return of your investments in the future as your ad can’t be clicked without being seen, and moreover can’t lead to a purchase without being clicked. Paying for impressions is usually measured in CPM – Cost Per Mile. Mile=thousand. For example, you pay $1.15 CPM, meaning you only pay $1.15 per 1000 real people seeing your ad (1000 impressions). Or if you are an ad publisher you are paid for a certain number of impressions.

Ad clicks

The next level for your ad after an impression is a click. It is more than impression but is still not a conversion. The user should see your ad, click on it and follow the link so it can be counted as a click and you are charged for it. You will have to pay at a certain rate for a certain amount of clicks. But don’t be afraid it will cost if you a fortune if somebody just keeps clicking on your ad a thousand times- multiple clicks from the same IP address will only count as one click.

The other possible option is to pay for affiliate ads. You are basically paying for the time a certain user spends on your website. As the more time, the higher are the chances he will turn into a conversion consequently the more you have to pay.

OCPM – optimized cost per mile

Clicks and impressions are a measurement of ads success. They are also widely used on social media platforms such as Facebook. Facebook actually helps find the right audience for your ad to result into higher conversions. There OCPM – Optimized Cost per Mile – is an important factor. The bad thing about OCPM is the fact that you lose control of your ad and Facebook just makes all executive decisions for you. You may choose CPC, CPM or CPA to have the most control of your campaign, however, it will not be as effective as OCPM. It is the most effective but also the most expensive option.

Optimize your own ad campaigns

Doesn’t matter what kind of fixed cost ad you choose you would probably want to make it as effective as possible. Therefore, it is important to optimize your campaigns by doing some beforehand research as well as by constantly analyzing your live statistics. Work on your targeting, choose the right, most used keywords, eliminate the negative words to not be associated with them, test different strategies to choose the best for you, use your geographics by thinking of local events, climate, holidays, and most importantly keep constantly analyzing your successes and failures. Make smart decisions about your investments.

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