Best Grammar & Punctuation Checker Tools

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We are all human and we all make mistakes. It’s almost impossible to write a completely grammatically correct text, especially as a beginner. That is why online grammar checker or best punctuation checker tools exist. As a website or blog owner you should always thrive for the most high-quality content. As a student you would also want your presentations and essays to be error-free. Grammar checkers tools are here to help you. These are just some of the best ones:


Grammarly is now top grammar checking tool used by many people. Since it was launched in 2009 it has been updated a lot and has lots of essential features now. The tool won’t just underline your grammar and punctuation mistakes but will also give you a few suggestions on how you can improve your writing. You can choose to download the Grammarly extension or use it online. If you download it, Grammarly will help you correct mistakes whenever you are writing something. It is completely free to use and download. However, the free version is quite limited and to eliminate advanced mistakes you would need to be a premium user.


WhiteSmoke is great to eliminate advanced grammar mistakes. It uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) for a better detection and elimination of spelling, punctuation, grammar and style errors. You can use WhiteSmoke online, integrate with your browser, or download as software. It also has a mobile app version that you can download to your IOS or Android device. The tool offers three subscription plans: Essential, Premium and Business. You can choose to make monthly or annual payments.


Reverso is awesome for working with multiple languages as it corrects grammar and punctuation mistakes in 10 languages. It is easy to use the tool online – just copy and paste your text or type it in there. Although it has a lot of advanced functions, it is very easy to start using it. Reverso basic version is totally free but it is limited. They offer a more advanced premium version if your need more features.


Ginger’s interface is very similar to Microsoft Word so you will have no problems learning to use it. You can use it online or download as software. Ginger is fast, accurate and offers many extensive features. It is not only a reliable free punctuation checker and corrector tool but it also can translate your texts in over 40 different languages and find the definition of words. There is a free but limited version. If you want to unlock all the features you will need to update to a premium plan.


ProWritingAid helps with the structural problems of the content. It is great for people who want to improve their English language skills. It can show you your mistakes but it is not able to correct them. Their basic version is free but limited, however, premium plan is still highly affordable.

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