How to make money blogging

To make money with your blog you should be thinking as a business owner more than a writer. It’s more about marketing techniques nowadays than writing skills.

First of all, you would need to set up a blog. Get a web hosting and domain name. Choose you blog’s niche, based on what you can write about and what has high demand on the market. Your content should be interesting to the readers in a sense of how it’s presented and what it’s about. Although it’s believed that your blog is a representation of your passion, you should write about the things that can bring you money, considering your audience budget potential, professional leverage, and market demand.

Audience budget potential

You need to understand who you are writing for, what you are writing about, what you can advertise and how your audience is willing to spend. Your supply should meet their demand. Your task is to create a content to attract readers and then moves them down the sales funnel, you can use affiliate marketing or offer them some content you produce and sell. Know your audience and appeal to them in different ways.

Use your professional leverage to choose your blog’s niche

After you chose your audience and the right approach for them the next step is to discover the strategic advantages you may have over others. What content you can write, what connections you have. You need to build trust and respect to your blog, while connections and professional experience can help you. Show you portfolio, client base, reviews of your work etc.

Your niche needs market demand

Do your research and determine what people are interested in, what topics are searched and come up with the top 10 keywords to target. Aim for the ones with 5,000+ monthly searches and keyword difficulty score under 0.4. Write consistently but not too often. Frequently check the statistics of your new posts.

Relationships are your foundation

Before starting to build relationships with other influencers, ask yourself what you can offer them. Then, choose bloggers that might be helpful to you. Their audience should be potentially interested in your content, it should be comparable with your own. Create a targeted list of sites, determine their people in charge, social network platforms such as LinkenIn can help you. Then start building your connections. Be polite and professional in your emails.

Plan your future with a blog monetization timeline

Plan ahead what ads you are going to post and when. Build up trust to your blog before starting recommending things. You should not overdose with ads. There are many ways to monetize your blog – affiliate marketing, courses, ad revenue, and digital products. Create a great mix out of them that will be the best fit specifically ally for your content.

These are just some of the basic examples of strategies you can use to more efficiently monetize your blog.

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