4 popular examples of clickbait titles

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What came next is terrifying

Why are clickbait titles so effective on getting us to click on that video or article? They count on our curiosity. It is not that clickbait articles appeal to a huge audience, it is that out of the small group of people the article appeals to almost everyone will feel compelled to click on the title. And then websites or YouTube channels that use clickbait articles have hundreds of other articles on different topics, all of them with a clickbait title, ensuring that every person who sees the titles ends up reading the articles or watching the videos.

You will never guess what happened next

There’s no denying it, clickbait articles and titles really work, but many people consider them annoying, so platforms like Facebook began banning clickbait articles because a lot of times their titles are misleading. If you want to boost your readership by using catchy clickbait titles, you need to make sure that the article or video themselves live up to the expectations set by the title. Don’t be dishonest and you will get to keep most readers that get attracted by the title.

Big companies are threatened by him

So you’ve decided to write your first clickbait title and even came up with several options for one article. How do you choose one? The best way to figure out what works for your audience is to do a split-test. Separate your email list into several groups randomly, the groups should be around the same size. Then, send out emails that are identical in everything except for the title and check which title got the most traffic.

You will never believe what happens next

A crucial thing to remember when writing a clickbait title is that the title and the article still need to follow SEO rules in order to get high rankings from Google and other search engines. Do a keyword search before you start writing the title and build it around a top phrase or two. Another trick is that you can continue pulling in your readers’ attention in the meta description that appears below the title in Google search results.

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