4 easy ways to make money online

These days we have more access to the internet than ever before – virtually every person in the developed world has access to the internet 24/7 through their smartphones. Thanks to this more and more people quit their full time jobs and pursue their dreams while making a solid income on the internet. If you dream of doing the same, check out this list of ways to make money online and take the first step towards your dream of financial independence today.

Turn your career into a remote freelance job

If you start making money online it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to abandon your previous job. There are lots of people out there who have quit their day jobs to do pretty much the same thing but on their own schedule and without having to be at the office every day. Even if you think that your career doesn’t translate to the world of freelance, do a little research, get creative and you might be able to make it work after all. There are lots of freelance marketplaces where you can advertise your skills, find clients and simply see what services other people are offering. Some of the most popular freelance marketplaces include Upwork, Flexjobs and others.

Start a blog and make money online

Another easy way to earn money online is to start a blog and share your knowledge on a topic you’re passionate about. The most common way people make money on their blog is by selling ads through Google AdSense, however, this option is not ideal since you need to have quite a lot of traffic for those ads to become profitable. You can also supplement your blog income with some affiliate programs and, of course, you can try selling your own digital products. The options are endless: ebooks, software, diet and exercise programs and more.

Give social investment networks a try

If you’re interested in investing you’ve probably heard of apps like Robinhood that allow you to buy stocks through apps. Well, there’s a new, even better way to invest. Social investment networks like Etoro allow you to view a list of all people who invest using the app and their return and investment stats. If you like what you see you can set up your account to replicate their trades so you can grow your money without spending any time on investing.

Create a custom online course

If you have a fair amount of knowledge about some area you can try putting that knowledge to good use by teaching people online. Online course platforms like Thinkfic, Learnworlds, Teachable and others have millions of students and people like you can easily design a course, post it on the platform and start making money off it. You can also sell your teaching and coaching services privately and teach people about your area of expertise using Skype, Snapchat, live chats and any other platform imaginable.

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