Writing as breathing: making a habit

Many famous writers kept diaries. Not “into the world”, but rather for introspection, but this was what helped them to become successful in the future. Discipline above all.

How to develop a successful writing habit daily?

In the science section as autodidacticism, there is a technique in order to increase brain activity. It is about starting being engaged in mental activity in the evening (it does not matter whether you read, study or write), and stopping at the most interesting place. Then in the morning, waking up, for some time just do not let yourself get out of bed and pick up a book or tablet. When you really want to get new information, your mind will be able to process it much faster.

The secret of the writing habit is the correct regimen and healthy desire. In order to develop such a habit, follow our tips:

  1. Set plans for every day. Your own plan -might be a weak, but still a motivation. There are also Internet communities in which participants write a certain amount of text per day and share their successes. Easy competition and a sense of someone else’s presence can contribute to the achievement of the result.
  2. Not inspired by anything? Perform the exercise: for five minutes, write something on a piece of paper without taking any breaks. Soon you will begin to express more clearly and beautifully, and the topics themselves will come to your mind.
  3. You need to constantly be in the information field, developing your own style and understanding of things. What do you need to read?
  • Fiction, it helps to improve speech;
  • News and journalism to be modern;
  • Good personal blogs, because it is a trend format now;
  • Reviews of films, books, and theater productions. Critics often have a good writing style.
  • The same goes for restaurant critics and other specialists of a narrow profile.
  • Experimental stuff. Sometimes you should broaden your horizons and learn to surprise yourself.
  1. Keep track of what you read and listen to. It is no less important than thinking what to eat. Successful bloggers and writers regularly clean their friend lists. If your environment contains people who spam, increase negativity, or constantly engage in unconstructive skirmishes, then limit your media space. Reading information junk is the worst way to procrastinate.
  2. And finally, a nice tip that usually pleases all creative people is buying a beautiful notebook in order to write in it, as well as put check marks in front of completed tasks. Use a comfortable pen and a soft pencil. Create an atmosphere: soft light and a cup of coffee. Look at yourself and feel how great it is to be a writer.
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