Cookie Policy

The resource uses a variety of technologies to ensure the convenience of users, in particular for cookies. These files allow you to provide user information, remembering the preferences of users in the field of sales and products, and also setting up users to obtain the correct target information. Using this resource,, you automatically acknowledge your consent to use this type of files in accordance with the rules below. If you are not comfortable with this approach, you want to refuse or do not want to provide the necessary data, just configure your browser settings so that it does not collect data into files and does not allow us to use them.


What are such files and what are the features of this technology?


A cookie is a compact file that contains code made of letters and numbers. The file is stored on your mobile device, computer or tablet, depending on what kind of technique you use to visit the site. These files are used by the owners to support the work and improve productivity, as well as to obtain information for performing analytical calculations. uses different types of cookies, among which there are:

  • mandatory files that are necessary to realize the ability to navigate the site and use its capabilities. Such files do not collect personal information, but you can refuse to use them. This will reduce the performance of the resource itself or its individual components, which will negatively affect the quality of the services provided
  • files for performance help understand and calculate how users interact with the site, providing this or that information, as well as spending time on the work that they spent on the resource. The specified files help find out and existing problems, that positively affect the process of development and improvement of the site. Such files are also not used for identification, the information remains anonymous
  • files for functionality are intended to determine which users and how often they return to the site. The files store your data, time of entry and exit. Blocking such files can lead to loss of performance and disrupt the functioning of the site, as well as restrict access to it as a whole
  • target files tell you about the user’s actions, including sites and pages access to them, as well as information about links and advertising data that you, as a user, choose. They are important if you want to receive only high-quality content that you are interested in. If you are acquainted with a page of a site that is dedicated to a particular project or product, the resource using the files makes it so that you can learn more about this topic by visiting other sites. All described advertising information is used for analytical purposes

How is other information collected and used? This is very simple and logical, the resource applies the specified cookies for the following purposes:

  • simplify the workflow for information about the visit
  • order processing
  • analysis of page visits for the purpose of improving the site
  • provision of advertising content
  • provision of up-to-date information
  • determine the number of guests on the site and the methods that
  • guests use the site, which helps improve the effectiveness of the resource and better understand it.


What is the storage period for files?


The specified and described files remain on your device for different periods of time. Most files expire immediately after viewing, some files remain active until the browser closes, some remain in the device’s memory. These files are called persistent and are stored for as long as possible, this is most convenient for both the user and the site owner, since it is possible to fully evaluate the effectiveness of advertising and obtain complete statistics.


Where do the files come from?


During the administration of the site, the files appear on the device. Some files are placed by working with other operators.

The main purpose of using files by our resource is to understand how our service is used. Based on these data, it is possible to collect and apply general information on technical equipment and other details. So the user gets wide opportunities and can analyze routes of visiting sites.

With the help of this technology, you can trace several directions of work, for example, the activity of users regarding specific stocks. Moreover, the purpose of using files is to optimize sites and bring them to a new level in accordance with the interests of users.


Use of Internet advertising and advertising for mobile devices


The company in cooperation with third parties (partners and suppliers) actively participates in events, providing a variety of content. At the same time, these files are used to provide services for us and for other companies, so we are not responsible and do not control the actions or policies of third parties.

The display of advertising takes place on the site or in the application that you are using. Advertising occurs as a response to your requests and visited sites. On the site, you can see the ads of third-party intermediaries, depending on which pages you’ve visited earlier. Files can be managed and even disconnected if necessary.


How is it managed?


Most browsers are configured so that the device can automatically accept cookies. You can modify settings that block cookies or receive notifications when using such files. Your browser has detailed instructions on how to do this.

However, pay attention to the fact that such actions can affect your work on the Internet; you also will not be able to receive personal information on If you are using multiple devices, you need to configure the settings for working with cookies separately on each of them.