Privacy Policy is a platform created to promote advertising projects. It specializes in providing advertising services to various companies. The enterprise uses its own platform, modern and technological, which allows providing a variety of services.

The company is working to give all advertisers access to the specified and described platform by performing ad impressions. The target audience of the company is potential customers, i.e. users. In the process, the company collects personal data of users in anonymous mode.

One of the directions of the company’s work is the collection of information and its storage with subsequent protection. This means that the data cannot be widely used and transferred to third parties. In particular, in order to ensure the confidentiality of its users, the Company provides these rules and provisions of the Privacy Policy with respect to the types of information that was collected in the course of work. Users have the right to refuse any information that they can provide.

The Company has a clear set of rules that regulate this aspect of its activities. The rules include:

  • Bringing to the attention of customers and users of the essence of their rights, rules for using the resource, as well as rules for processing information of various sizes and types.
  • While the company does not deal with the processing of personal data, except in cases where users personally transmit their data by contact.
  • Advertising services on the Internet collect anonymous data on IP-addresses, taking into account the providers of Internet services, equipment, such as the browser language and software installed on the browser. Also, statistics show information about user clicks. All collected information is of a statistical nature, the purpose of use is statistical studies.

With regard to files such as cookies, the company also has a list of rules. These files are small files that the site transfers to the hard drive, allowing resources to interact more easily with your technical device.

Clients are allowed to use their own databases; in this case, personal information is only used to orient the client to advertising campaigns.
Why does the company collect data? There are several purposes:

  • providing a full list of services;
  • customer service at the highest level;
  • implementation of media projects;
  • collection of statistical data.


The company should not receive information about the user for the purpose of transferring it to third parties. The exception is cases where information is of a similar nature and is provided by the owner’s consent. Data of means of payment, including credit cards, are not stored on the site. For conducting financial transactions, only certified payment systems are used. All map data is protected using high-level encryption with algorithms and associated keys.

Right to refuse data collection

The user can, at his or her own discretion, refuse to collect data about himself by using the corresponding function on the site.