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We support a multiplicity of ad whatever the thematic is, whatever the format across web and mobile. Every new ad by-hand checked for content so your users will never have a go-round.

On a Real Time Bidding basis our progress algorithms improve the ad income level by multiplying offers for each of your ad-impression.

How we work



With our system we will test what traffic type you work with, expected Pay-per-click and Geo location.

Easy to work with

It will be easy to start and use with Smartmedia. For the purpose of detection the best traffic you are able to provide we use as our tracking system as third party partners. You can take a pause if needed and proceed any time!


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Monthly or biweekly on-time payment via all major payment systems.

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Effective private platform


Assigned managers


Permanent optimization


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It’s friction-free to monitor intensity of each of your ad spots in real time

SmartMedia guarantees stable on-time payments and best offers!


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