Terms of use

Smartmedia.network’s an advertising agency that operates on a platform. This platform’s extremely comfortable to use, it’s designed to connect the masters and customers on advertising through the Website.

When using the Website, it’s necessary to understand that all these conditions’re strictly observed and accepted. Further they will be called “Terms”. They’re also valid for any trial application of the Smartmedia. You automatically agree to follow these conditions if you continue using the Website and any of its services. If the Terms don’t suit you, please refrain from using the Smartmedia.

As for the content of the terms, they are based on the rules for using the Smartmedia.network Website. The Smartmedia reserves the right to change the terms at its discretion without warning of users, but with the mandatory publication of updates on the Website. This applies to both webmasters and advertising customers.

Thus, each User undertakes to regularly check the Website in order to be aware of updates and possible changes in the Smartmedia policy. If you continue to use the Smartmedia after publishing updates, it is considered to be an agreement with all changes. If you are not satisfied with something or have stopped arranging after the changes, just stop using the Smartmedia.


The process of the registration


When creating an account, you personally confirm and guarantee your adulthood (over 18 years). Exceptions: you are a citizen of a country where majority is reached at an earlier age, or by your laws your age allows you to use this service. In the event that you are a legal entity (official legal representative), your account on this name will be considered an official confirmation of your rights.

You, as the owner of the account, are responsible for the use of the Smartmedia and agree to abide by the rules of the Website. To complete the registration you need to specify such data: mail address, password (need to come up), information for payment. It is necessary to use personal e-mail, which you can use only, without the participation of third parties. The company reserves the right to refuse the user without explanation. The accuracy of the information provided and the safety of your login/password is your task; by accepting the rules, you agree to store data confidentiality.

If this rule is not followed, the conditions are considered to be violated. If your account or e-mail has been hacked or unauthorizedly used by a third party, you must notify the administration of the Smartmedia. If you lose or disclose your password, you must also report it.

All actions performed in your account fall under your responsibility.

The Smartmedia may terminate the activation and operation of your account at any time with an explanation of the reasons or without. Among the reasons can be noted such as:

  • violation of the conditions described
  • lack of access to information
  • suspicion of fraudulent and unlawful acts
  • bad behavior
  • causing damage to the Smartmedia or a third party.


Statistical data


The account holder is given a one-month long period for which he or she can study the reports on the Smartmedia. All rules and regulations of this Agreement are governed by the laws of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.




The Smartmedia provides users with a limited license to use the Website, during which advertising activities or any other commercial activity will be realized.

The license is limited only by the time of use of the Smartmedia. It also terminates if you don’t comply with the terms of use of the Website. Additional information on the termination of the license is not provided.

Also, the Smartmedia has other rights in addition to those specified.


Rules & restrictions


Consent to use of the Smartmedia and account includes:

  • freedom for the Smartmedia from responsibility for errors in the reports (statistics are processed and updated several times a day, while it is considered only in case of fraud and other illegal actions or errors)
  • a mandatory message about your desire to close your account
  • acceptance of payment terms through a Smartmedia.

Also the user agrees not to:

  • break the rules
  • break the law or regulations that apply to advertising, finance, consumer protection, etc.
  • carry out wrongful acts, including racism, nationalism, discrimination, etc.
  • engage in the sale of counterfeit products or the promotion of fast cash schemes, including financial pyramids, etc.
  • violate the rights of authors or patents, don’t disclose commercial secrets and don’t violate immunity
  • expose other parties to the danger of disclosing sensitive information
  • to remove offensive advertising data (relating and containing defamation, violence, humiliation on any grounds).


Strictly prohibited:

  • collection of information about other users for the transfer to third parties or for commercial use (an exception is the collection of information if allowed by users)
  • offering and distributing intimate services
  • advertising fraud
  • creating a new account when the previous account is blocked due to violation of Smartmedia conditions
  • false content information
  • attempts to change the Website or get the source code to create a similar service
  • using of the malware, including viruses, etc., created to damage system data that doesn’t allow the Smartmedia to function fully.




All existing content on the Website is protected by copyright law. Any, even partial, use of the Website materials is prohibited and punishable.




Ad content that is sent for display on the Website is not to be checked by the Website administration; therefore the user is solely responsible for the quality of such content. If the content causes any damage, the user must personally evaluate and eliminate all risks and consequences of using his or her content.

Links to third-party Websites on Website may be owned or controlled by third parties. The Smartmedia is not responsible and doesn’t control the actions of these Websites, so remember that you use them solely at your own peril and risk.


Possible losses


The user is obliged to compensate for losses if they exist in the event that the existing fees, expenses, etc. are associated with incorrect use of the Website, improper operation of the program or in violation of the current rules.


Payment Policy


When registering, the user must provide his or her real name and surname, as well as payment information. Otherwise, the correct execution of payments is not guaranteed. Transactions are not carried out if there is a discrepancy in the given data (for example, the data in the profile and on the bank card are different).

The Smartmedia doesn’t pay to third party accounts. All payments are made once a week by transferring funds to bank cards. There is a limit on the amount of payment: 20 USD. If your balance is less than this amount, it will be added to the next payment when you withdraw.

The Smartmedia doesn’t make specific statements regarding the payment and operation of the funds transfer service. If your data has changed, the payment details that are relevant for receiving funds must be sent no less than three days later. When paying commissions, the Smartmedia can refuse to process payments and place a hold on any part of your account. In the case of a reasonable suspicion of fraud or breach of contract, the company reserves the right to set off the remaining amount in the account as compensation. The Smartmedia is not responsible for paying taxes; the user must personally control the timeliness of paying taxes in accordance with the legislation of his or her country of residence.

In some cases, the Smartmedia is forced to withhold all payments until the necessary information is received on the taxes paid (including relevant documents).

The Smartmedia is fully responsible for keeping statistics and payments under the conditions described.


Return policy


A refund is made only upon a written request, which specifies all the existing reasons for the return. There are several cases that are relevant for the return:

  • an advertising campaign cannot be started because of inconsistency of materials with legislation or the requirements of the Smartmedia (or incorrect content)
  • when the advertiser requires the campaign to stop, at which the blocking is first requested, and then the corresponding request is sent.

Unused funds are refunded, the amount of which is calculated on the basis of the reporting system. The request is considered legal and subject to approval only when sent from the email address used to register the account. If the Advertiser violates the Terms or other Smartmedia rules, no refund will be made.




The Smartmedia doesn’t bear any responsibility for the work of the Website, regardless of the actions of webmasters and other circumstances. The Smartmedia reserves the right to block webmasters at any time and without explaining the reasons for violation of the rules of the Website. Also, blocking is possible if the rights of third parties are violated or when payment is delayed. The only unique source of data on the Website is activity statistics.

Force Majeure


No one is liable in case of breach of obligations under the Agreement in case of force majeure. Their list includes fires, hurricanes, war, strikes, earthquakes, famines and other causes that happen outside the control of either party. Any rules can be changed; the changes take effect immediately after posting on the Website.